2018 started with new courses and projects

The first months of 2018 are been dedicated to complete the Advanced Trimix Course, continuing the training for deep and long dives.

In March we have presented at EUDI SHOW in Bologna (Italy), our video in collaboration with Top2Bottom Diving Team.

In April we’ll start the first video shooting session in Greece, for the the project “4Caves4Seasons” . Link to ‘4C4S page

In May we’ll be in Sardinia, for a video shooting into the cave of “Blue Torrente” with Thorsten Walde and the Protec Sardinia Diving

In June 2018 as part of the WSE Team of UTRtek, we had dive on the wrecks of ‘Re d’Italia’ and ‘Palestro’, situated in Croatia, on Vis Island. 120m deep and long dives to search, film and documentate the two Italian wrecks of the ‘Battaglia di Lissa’ of 1866.   In July we’ll present the video of the project.