Who we are


‘Pro Divers Formation’ is a circuit of references for everyone that is looking a qualified instructors or team divers to share experiences or dive projects. Collaboration is our goal, from 2010 we have been involved in some international projects, for example on 2017-18 with ‘Top2Bottom Diving Team’ , on 2019 we’ll work on ‘Infinit Liquid’ video project:

  • MATTEO RATTO – ITALY – Brescia

Full Cave Diving Instructor Trainer

Mixed Gas Diving Instructor Trainer (Nitrox, Hypoxic Trimix)

Rebreather Diver (CCR since 2004 / P-SCR since 2010)
Certified for AP Inspiration, Voyager, HammerHead, JJ-CCR, X-CCR, TresPresidentes Pscr

info @ prodiversformation . com (eliminate the space character)

    Advanced Recreational Instructor – Hypoxic Trimix Diver – Full Cave Diver
    livio . utrtek @ gmail . com (eliminate the space character)

  • MARCO SPOLTI – ITALY – Bergamo
    Advanced Recreational Instructor – Hypoxic Trimix Diver – P-SCR Diver
    marco . spolti @ mrbenergia . it (eliminate the space character)