Technical diving


Technical diving is probably the higher level that all divers want to reach.

Before to access to use gas mixtures and decompression strategies, it’s ever better to understand if this kind of diving is really what you want for your future dives.

You must to know that technical diving needs a serious approach, time to learn, time to skill you. You’ll learn to breath gas mixtures to reduce narcosis, you’ll learn to solve problems during the dives with your team, you’ll learn to decide decompression strategies and respect them, you’ll learn to manage and follow new protocols and procedures, to maximise a safe technical dive.


Trimix courses are organised by training depth of dive:

  • TEK1 – 50mt max depth – Normoxic Mix to start tek diving with only 1 deco gas
  • TEK2 – 60mt max depth – Normoxic Mix to improve skills and 2 deco gas calculation
  • TEK3 – 80mt max depth – Hypoxic Mix to reach more complex bottom times
  • TEK Professional – 100/120mt depth – Hypoxic Mix to reach the top of level in training dives