Recreational diving


Recreational diving represents the mass of the community of divers, every year are issued certificates for more than 2 million of divers (statistics from National Sporting Goods Dealers Association on major training scuba agencies as PADI, NAUI, SSI, etc).

For our opinion, unfortunately only a very small parts of these students can have a valid training path, because training is today manipulated by marketing strategies, products sales, ever less time and probably ever less quality in teaching.

Our focus is limit this kind of education. We done some choices on training agency and we do the best as we can to form great recreational divers, everyone at his right level but with the same awareness to learn the right way.



Recreational courses are organised by:

  • REC 1 – Open water – 20mt max depth as first step to introduce you diving world
  • REC 2 – Advanced Open Water – 30mt max depth as improvement of your skills
  • REC 3 – Deep dive – 40mt  and introduction to minimum decompression profile with Helitrox bottom gas