Rebreather diving


Rebreathers are today a reality, after years of development, optimisations and many accidents, now maybe we are ready to understand the hidden hazards and limits that this technology represents.

Semi-closed or Closed Circuit, active or passive, manuals or electronics, the main difference is the approach and awareness you have when you use it. The diver’s brain must always swings the balance in the right choice. Obviously this needs training and time to improve mental and physical skills.

Since May 2024 I’m an “IQsub factory approved” X-CCR Instructor, so if you are looking for a X-CCR course, please contact us and we’ll be happy to promote a try out experience or a classical CCR course depending on your level and needs.

X-CCR is an expedition grade rebreather is designed to provide reliable performance in demanding underwater environments as we usually dive.

We continue to use our Tres-Presidentes Passive semi-closed rebreather at some extend, specially in long but no deep dives in caves.

This P-SCR is produced in many parts by the same IQsub factory, so it’s reliable and efficient like the X-CCR rebreather.